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 it 's more than just pretty pictures 

If you're looking for a photographer that just gets it, you're in the right place
We've shot hundreds of weddings all over the country, and each is more than "just a job" to us. Each wedding we shoot is another opportunity to learn more about love, legacy and the the stories they tell.  We're not in it to write or alter the story, but to masterful illustrate the beautiful love stories that take place in front of our lenses. Our objective is to seek out authentic moments, feelings and emotions, to elicit a response that begs for a story to be told over and over again.
So let love be more than just word or action. Allow it to radiate as a force, telling its story through you. Bask in it, share it, create with it, heal with it, go wild with it... You decide the narrative, and we'll be there to capture it all. Imagine what we can create together, and the epic legacy your love will leave. The images we capture will be part of how your love lives on.

capturing all the love


We specialize in capturing real moments, with our undivided attention on your love and this amazing season in your life. 


capturing all the love



Jack of all trades and master of nothing DOESN'T 

apply here.

hello! I'm Conrhod

We're going to be in your face all day, minty fresh breath and all. Getting that close means that there has to be a connection. And I know you're here because you know good chemistry. So take some time to gain a little bit of insight as to who we are as photographers and as people. Dive into the resources & visuals on our site to see if our whys and hows align. Feel free to look us up on Instagram & social media as well!

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curating the story

Feel Safe, Valued
& Honored

Our primary goals are for you to feel safe, valued, and honored. When you feel affirmed, celebrated, and free of insecurities, the images that are captured will convey the warmth of the love surrounding your day. We understand how important these moments are and that you are letting us into times that are reserved for those you love most. It is our hope that we develop a trust with you that allows us to mutually bear what is inside of us and create the extraordinary.



It's all about sharing
& collaborating

We are humbled by the fact that we get to live out our dreams by sharing them with you! You are the substance of each photo. Without you, there would be no image to capture, no story to chronicle, no moment to celebrate. You are a vital part of what makes our photography what it is. You are our muse. In this collaboration of sorts, it is our desire to capture the essence of what makes you who you are and not just shoot pretty pictures. As we continue to dream, and you allow us to create freely don't hold back!!! Relish in the life that it is being played out right in front of you, be adventurous, and enjoy the ride!

Chemistry is Bonding

When it comes down to it, you’ll just know we click! If that is how you feel, then we should be a good fit for you. We understand that we cannot be everything for everyone in what we do as photographers. We do know that for those whom we connect, we will strive to be everything we can be for you and yours.





our portfolio

"I had chosen a photographer years before I was ever engaged- someone I had admired from a friend’s wedding. However, when it was actually time to choose a photographer for our wedding I stumbled upon pictures by Conrhod and changed my mind. Meeting Conrhod "sealed the deal," he is personal and truly cares about pleasing the couple and capturing the moments that a couple will cherish from their wedding. Conrhod was so accommodating-we met with him multiple times, and he was very helpful in keeping us on track with vendors, schedules, and planning. Conrhod was more then a photographer- he became our friend."

—  Sarah & Dennis



as seen 

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